Focal Points

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Focal Points Application Form

What are the Focal Points?

World Youth Foundation Focal Points are an asset in building on existing work already carried out by the Foundation. Their key aim is to effectively promote and implement projects that aid WYF’s overall goals in both their local area and its wider communities.

Around the world and in all regions, young people are being acknowledged as partners for change and their capability to innovate, educate and reach out to their direct and extended families, as well as to their wider communities. In order to address these challenges and mobilize youth of all diversities, the WYF is assembling Focal Points within our organization.

The Mandate

The mandate of the Focal Point on Youth is to:

* Enhance awareness of the global situation of youth and increase recognition of the rights and aspirations of youth;

* Promote national youth policies, national youth coordinating mechanism and national youth programmes of action as integral parts of social and economic development, in cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental organizations;

* Strengthen the participation of youth in decision-making processes at all levels in order to increase their impact on national development and international cooperation.

How has the Focal Point on youth made a difference?

The aim of the Focal Point is to increase the effectiveness of WYF’s work in youth development, by strengthening collaboration and exchange among all relevant UN entities, while respecting and harnessing the benefits of their individual strengths and unique approaches and mandates. The Focal Point on youth coordinates the administrative functions of the Network and provides support and continuity to the work of WYF as required.

Why youth?

On a policy level and as future implementers of those policies, children and youth demonstrate commitment and unity in addressing key recommendations. However, on a practical level, the capacity, understanding and ability of countries and organizations to benefit from the abilities of young people and partner with them to implement ideas which reduce risk is unrealized. This is why youths are great candidates to fulfill these tasks.

What type of candidates and with which values do we look for?

We look for self-motivated, independent young people with a strong commitment to volunteerism values and principles, with the ability to work in multicultural environments, with strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and with well-based knowledge in youth and global development issues. Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is preferable.

The Focal Point role is a very rewarding task and one of the ways to be a part of WYF. It is a great learning opportunity and a chance to help us support the youth movement. Applicants are expected to be really dedicated to this task and meet tight deadlines, which can be demanding but extremely valuable.

Applicants should not be fully employed and/or are founders/partners or active stakeholders of NGOs. 

We look for candidates from different regions of the world: Southeast Asia, South Africa, Oceania, Pacific, the Americas, Middle East, and Europe.

What skills and qualifications are necessary to be a WYF Focal Point?

We look for young people with a university degree or higher diploma and with two years of relevant working experience. We need our Focal Points to be at least 20 years old at the time of taking up an assignment. They also need to have good English knowledge. Being fluent in one of these languages is preferable: French, Spanish, Bahasa Melayu, or Mandarin. You must not be employed, own an NGO or a company.

What are the main tasks of WYF Focal Points?

Tasks are varied. They mainly include:

* Developing project proposals for activities related to youth issues

* Monitoring and reporting all aspects related to active projects and programmes

* Coordinating and supporting Focal Point networks

* Generating discussion and leading activities

* Building relationships and liaising with relevant organisations

* Recruiting volunteers and helpers when necessary

* Researching funding opportunities

* Building and maintaining a positive, effective image of WYF

* Overall, building and maintaining a positive and effective image of The World Youth Foundation in active region.

How do I apply to become a WYF Focal Point?

1. Send your CV or resume -including Skype user name, Facebook user name, a passport size photo, and specifications on your availability to this task.

2. Send this information to -write “Focal Point Application” in the subject line.

3. Attach your answers to the following two questions:

a) Why do you want to be a part of WYF? (No more than 150 words)

b) What would you like to achieve as a Focal Point? Include the main youth topics you are interested in (no more than 150 words)

4. Attach an endorsement letter from your organization/institution

5. Attach a letter of recommendation from either a school lecturer (if you are a student) or an immediate supervisor (if you are an employee)

6. Be prepared to hold a Skype interview-we will contact you to schedule the interview.

7. If selected for this programme, submit a video expressing why you want to become a volunteer at WYF

What benefits do I get as a WYF Focal Point?

Some service benefits are as follows:

The key benefit of being a WYF Focal Point is the personal satisfaction volunteer assignments bring to you as you make a positive contribution to development.


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