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Volunteer Online Application Form

What is the World Youth Foundation?

World Youth Foundation (WYF) an NGO is Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and an NGO Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. WYF is a youth focus international non-governmental organization which aims at promoting research, development and documentation of youth programmes beneficial to youths worldwide.

What is the WYF’s Volunteer Programme?

The World Youth Foundation’s Volunteer Programme is a global volunteering opportunity that gives youths the possibility of providing essential services to people around the world, and of being part of large non-profit organization with international projection.

Through its Volunteer Programme, WYF intends to contribute to a brighter future both for the needy it serves and for the volunteers that work with them. We seek to achieve this goal by training our volunteers to become educators and role models that serve people both now and in future. We provide a wealth of experience, resources and dedication to our volunteers.

Your expertise, skills, interests, life experience and availability have a chance with us!

Who can participate in the WYF Volunteer Programme?

Are you friendly, a self-starter, self-motivated, passionate, reliable, committed person who is willing to work hard? Do you believe in team work? Are you creative and result driven? Do you want to work in another country and discover your potential? Then: why not consider volunteering at WYF?

Any undergraduates or young individuals between 18-30 years, who are passionate to make a difference in the lives of the global community, are eligible to apply to the World Youth Foundation’s Volunteer Programme.

What different alternatives are there to be a WYF Volunteer?

Currently, the WYF Volunteer Programme is offered both online and onsite at WYF Headquarters in Malacca, Malaysia. (Beginning early 2017, for more details on the onsite volunteer opportunity please email to wyfhq@wyf.org.my).

When can I apply to the WYF Volunteer Programme?

You can apply as soon as you are ready to become a volunteer. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

How long can I get involved in an online WYF Volunteer Programme?

You can get involved from to a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 1 year.

How long can I get involved in an offline WYF Volunteer Programme?

You can get involved from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year.

How do I apply to the WYF Volunteer Programme?

1) Get the Application Form from WYF website: www.wyf.org.my

2) Submit your Online Application Form duly filled out.

3) Attach an endorsement letter, resume, passport size photo and all required document.

4) Be prepared to hold a Skype interview-we will contact you to schedule it-

5) All selected volunteers will have to undergo a one month trial period before being confirmed as a volunteer.

6) If you are selected for this programme, submit a 3 minute video expressing why you want to become a volunteer at WYF.

What are the requirements to apply to the programme?

To become a WYF Volunteer you are expected to have the following values and commitment, and the following professional qualifications:

* Values and commitment: self-starter, self-motivated, passionate, reliable, committed, willing to work hard, believe in team work, creative and result driven.

* Strong commitment to the values and principles of volunteerism;

* Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;

* Ability to adjust to difficult living conditions; (for onsite volunteers)

* Strong interpersonal and organizational skills;

* Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is an asset.

* Have fund raising experience.

Professional qualifications:

* Have a university degree or higher diploma; experience in working in a community

* Preferably one year of relevant working experience.

* At least age 18 when taking up an assignment

* Strong English communication skills -good command of another language (Bahasa Melayu, French, Spanish, Hindi, Arab, Mandarin, etc.) is preferable.

The key benefit of being a WYF Volunteer is the personal satisfaction it brings as you make a positive impact on development. It also leads to a unique enhancement of your professional experience.

You will learn new skills such as event management, training and education; make lifelong friends from all over the world; and develop as a leader and pass on your skills to others.

Also, if you live or study in one of the six UN cities (Geneva, Nairobi, New York, Paris, Rome and Vienna) and have experience or interest in issues that affect youths, you could join as a World Youth Foundation’s representative at United Nations, you can: represent WYF at major international UN events; run events at UN; contribute to WYF advocacy work with UN.

What are the main activities and tasks for WYF Volunteers?

You will participate to provide genuine development assistance to local communities worldwide through your service. Some of our previous work includes assisting in health care or with natural resource projects, nurturing people at risk, eradicate poverty, combat youth unemployment and build a platform for young people to dialogue, share information, exchange best practices, networking, thus contributing to a knowledge society.

More benefits of Volunteering

1. Acquire and develop new skills: Discover something really good about yourself and your abilities. Enhance and facilitate your career scope and opportunities.

“A survey carried out by TimeBank through Reed Executive showed that among 200 of the UK leading businesses: 73% of the employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without; 94% of the employers believes that volunteering can add skills; 94% of the employees who volunteered benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted.”

2. Be a part of the community: People and societies are co-dependent on each other, but as a volunteer you could bridge the expanding gap. It is the best way to connect back with your community and help them. As a volunteer, it is definitely a pay-back time to your society by returning some of the benefits that you have gained from them all this while.

3. Feel motivated and have a sense of achievement: By being a volunteer, you will predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, as you will be working for and helping people. Being a volunteer is a personal decision with rewarding feelings. You will obtain

a sense of self-satisfaction that comes from making a little corner of the world a better place to live in.

4. Incorporate new interests and hobbies: Volunteering can give that ultimate escape to everyday boring routine life and bring in some new excitements and challenges. Exploring new interest, hobbies through volunteering can be. The energy and sense of fulfillment can help to deal with work situations and help you to relieve tension and foster new perspectives for past situations.

5. Meet a diverse range of people: Being a volunteer is a chance to meet people from all backgrounds and walks of life that could give you a positive impact and inspiration on life. Volunteering and working with different types of people would be an excellent way to develop interpersonal skills and networking opportunities.