WYF Complex

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A centre for international youth research activity that will facilitate the development of youth councils and youth ministries around the world. Mobilize international experts on youth development to form a think-tank group to tackle the issues of youth globally and to formulate a strategic development plan of youth councils throughout the world. This complex is located in an ideal, strategic place, easily accessible to nearby International airport, five star hotels, Melaka International Trade Centre, zoo, and recreational park.

The first phase of the project saw the completion of the World Youth Foundation Complex in 2005. The main section of this complex is now the secretariat of the Foundation.

The complex’s commercial section is also the addresses of several established organization and companies such as Petronas Dagang, Melaka’s Pantai Hospital Nursing Training Centre and the Melaka International College of Science and Technology or MICOST., WAY , Malacca Youth Council, National Institute of Safety and Health among others.

World Youth Foundation Hostel
(Completed December 2006)

Facilities of WYF Hostel

* 39 units of 3 room apartments
* 1 volleyball court
* Prayer room

World Youth Foundation Hotel
(Completed November 2010)

Facilities of World Youth Hotel
* 118 rooms